24.10.2008 Site goes online! Finally the site is and stays online. The basic functions work, tho everything is still in beta-stage. I will improve the site over the next weeks so it fits my needs. If you have any ideas/suggestions, feel free to email me at aojunkyard@gmail.com
26.10.2008 DB Upgrade The Database got updated to reflect the recent patch(es). Items like 'Mr. Squeaky' should now have a corresponding icon. If, for some reason, the system doesn't find an icon, it will display a red exclamation mark.
28.10.2008 Price listing The much requested 'Price Listing' has been added. Just hover your cursor over the itemlink and it shows the whole message at the time the players posted their goodies.
30.10.2008 Site moved Finally i finished moving the site to a new hoster. Additionally 9 bots are online now, 3 on each server. Rome, Borealis and Athen. I will start adding more content over the next few days. Good day! :)
12.11.2008 Hoster maintenance My bots hoster is doing maintenance right now (21:00 GMT+1). They say it will take 10 to 30 minutes. So bots should be up soon again. Thanks for the patience :)
12.11.2008 Bots back up Finally hoster maintenance is finished and bots are back online (22:11 GMT+1)
13.11.2008 Online Check An Online-Status Check has been added. I integrated it in the already linked playernames. Just hover the cursor over the playername and a tooltip will popup and tell you the status of the player. The 3 additionally bots are written in C and use a more advanced version of Auno's libaochat library. Have fun :)
P.S.: this is still in an early stage, so please report any bugs/issues/ideas at either aojunkyard@gmail.com or on the AOFroobs thread
16.11.2008 Online Status Fix Fixed a problem where the online status bots were going to disconnect after some idle-time.
19.11.2008 Search for QL Added an option to search for a specific QL range.
03.01.2009 Site is up again! Finally site is up again. New hoster, new (temporary) domain. aojunkyard.com will be reachable in a few weeks again. Please use aojunkyard@gmail.com or post on the AOFroobs thread
07.01.2009 Toplists! Vote on the Anarchy Online Top 200 Anarchy+Online TopSites MMORPG & MPOG MMO Topsites
05.04.2009 Bots are down! As of patch 18.0.2, Funcom made changes to the shopping channels which forces characters to be atleast lvl 11 to post and read to it. This means i need to level the bots. Thanks for your emails and replies. I'll update as soon as i'm done.
05.04.2009 Bots are back up! All bots have been lvl'd, php files adjusted...everything should work like before.
As on an additional note: you can again reach the site via http://www.aojunkyard.com
26.05.2009 Bots are back up! New chatserver ports have been asigned, as Funcom's AO Server moved to a new ISP :) Have Lagfree Fun!